Welcome to AAUW Amsterdam-Gloversville-Johnstown (AGJ)!

(serving Hamilton, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties)

You know it’s global warming when….

The UPS man is wearing shorts in the middle of December,

Your lawn is still green at Christmastime and you wonder if you need to mow,

A daddy longlegs is alive and well on your front porch in the middle of December,

According to NOAA Weather, days on which heat is needed are way below average, but days on which air conditioning is needed are way above average,

The year 2015 was the hottest on record, as were the last 2 before that in their turn,

Even romance novels mention Global Warming in their storyline,

Your gas bill for heat in December is the same as it was for April

There is a hurricane in the Pacific in the middle of January,

A tropical Depression is forming in the Atlantic in January which may turn into a tropical storm.

And so I ask, as our climate pattern changes, that you do your utmost to conserve fossil fuel energy.  Turn the thermostat down a little, drive less by consolidating errands, walk if possible, us cold water to wash clothes, and call either Ethical Electric 1-800-684-0197, or Solar City 1-866-243-3495, to convert your electricity to the clean, renewable resources of wind or solar power.

Jahnn Gibson